We are no longer able to offer free global shipping on orders under £500, we will always use reliable couriers, keep the shipping costs to a minimum and ship goods as soon as possible.

Local shipping: United Kingdom.

Local shipping is free of charge on all orders over £100. We usually use DPD for local shipping which is overnight top the British mainland, slightly longer for outlying islands and Northern Ireland.

There is a £10 shipping charge on all orders to the United Kingdom under £100.

International shipping: North America.

We ship to USA, Canada and Mexico using FedEx priority, which is usually overnight to most major North American cities. 

There is a £30 shipping charge on all orders to the North America under £500.

International shipping: Europe.

All European shipments are sent by road rather than air freight to reduce emissions. Road shipments to most EU countries usually take 2-3 days.

There is a £20 shipping charge on all EU shipments under £500.

International Shipping: Asia and Oceania.

All shipments to Asia and Oceania will be shipped by FedEx or UPS, where possible as a priority shipment, shipments to most asian countries take 2-3 days, Australia and New Zealand 4-7 days.

There is a £40 charge on airfreight shipments to Asia and Oceania under £500.

International Shipping: Rest Of World.

Where possible we will ship via a priority courier, such as FedEx or UPS.

There is a nominal £40 charge for rest of world shipments, but this may have to be reviewed if the shipping costs are exceptionally high to a particular country.

We can no longer ship to Russia, as the customs requirements are onerous and require us to request too much personal information from the customer.