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Seven Homme Japan

1st April, 2013

Bedouin: Functionality Bag

Carryology 'Best Work Messenger 2012'

7th January, 2013  LINK

Best Work Messenger - Bedouin Barbary

Luxe yet hardcore. Trad yet innovative. The Barbary somehow has it all

Bedouin somehow manage both a luxury feel and a hardcore vibe. They get traditional fabrics to feel fresh and innovative. They get that whole British thing of looking interesting and quirky in a way that you really want to get to know. And the Barbary is a prime example of this Bedouin charisma.

Vogue Korea

10th December, 2012  LINK


10th December, 2012  LINK


28th June, 2012  LINK

British heritage portaging label Bedouin has teamed up with Japanese retailer BEAMS for this limited-edition tote bag. Constructed from canvas and rich, vegetable-tanned leather, the bag showcases all of Bedouin’s impressive craftsmanship and attention to detail. And despite its decidedly vintage military aesthetic, the bag features modern amenities like waterproof RiRi zippers and a locking buckle to secure the top flap

Carryology - Bedouin Barbary Road Test

20th June, 2012  LINK

I’ve been testing Bedouin’s Barbary messenger bag now for 5 months. This bag has hauled more groceries than the first wife of Feodor Vassilyev. This bag has transported more beers than all four Bernstein brothers, combined. This bag has been to more outdoor concerts than Ben Dorsey. And it’s only just starting to get broken in.

I love this bag.

Upon my initial discovery of Bedouin, I was immediately pulled in. Their story, their craft, and the style of their products had me wanting to learn more. I know it’s wordy, and taken directly from their site, but I’m posting it here as an introduction to Bedouin, as I couldn’t describe their brand any better than they can themselves…

AnOther Magazine

1st May, 2012  LINK



6th July, 2011  LINK

Bedouin is different. Founded by Silas Grant, it’s a London based accessories company, making everything in a Lincolnshire factory. Like most things worth the money, it costs a little more.

Bright Magazine / Another Company

28th April, 2011  LINK


7th December, 2010  LINK

Such positive creative moves have allowed makers such as Bedouin the opportunity to express themselves even more, facilitating a push onto the boundaries of typical luggage. Men should not be restricted to a set piece of luggage, our gender should not mean we're intrinsically linked with a backpack or briefcase, and it's so positive to see labels understanding this, as Bedouin having stunningly demonstrated with their SS11 collection.

High Snobriety

5th September, 2010  LINK

Apart from being robust and designed to last the bags are flawless aesthetically. Using the finest heavy weight canvas & leathers, riri zippers, automotive standard webbing to create bags that have a sophisticated appeal, while the hand printed linings give us a bit of subversive humour. All the elements of the design and manufacture are lovingly pulled together even the sewing machine ‘Bertha,’ in Linconshire, is given her spotlight.”

Sunday Times

14th April, 2010  LINK

Quite simply I have found some bags that I want to carry around even if they are empty.


22nd February, 2010  LINK

Bedouin strongly believes in long product life cycles, constructing handmade bags that stand the test of time. Their eco-friendly stance is “buy quality and buy once.”


21st January, 2010  LINK

British brand Bedouin spices up the current market with its a/w 09 collection of trophy bags.


21st November, 2009  LINK


21st November, 2009  LINK

Hard wearing, secure, and the perfect protection for ones belongings.


16th November, 2009  LINK

A rugged shelter for nomadic lifestyle [...]


12th November, 2009  LINK

British bag makers Bedouin introduce a collection of bags to add onto your timeless wardrobe.


11th November, 2009  LINK

Bedouin's Barbary Messenger Bag is for those of you who need to carry everything on the daily commute.


21st October, 2009  LINK

The brand hopes that their high-quality bags with a timeless aesthetic will help turn over a new page in the world of rapid consumerism.


17th October, 2009  LINK